Signs it’s Time to Consider Private Home Care Newnan, GA

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Health

One of the most difficult conversations adult children have to have with their aging parents is focused on the topic of help or assistance with day to day tasks. Most seniors want to continue living independently; however, in many cases, a time arrives when this is no longer possible. If an adult child is wondering if it is time to talk to their parent about Private Home Care in Newnan, GA, there are some signs to watch for. These signs are found here.

Weight Loss

If a person sees their parent daily, then they may not notice a slight weight loss right away. However, when they continue losing weight then it is going to become obvious at some point. When a parent appears much thinner than what’s considered “normal,” it is the sign of a definite problem and that Private Home Care in Newnan, GA should be considered. Someone who comes into the home can ensure the senior eats proper meals and that they get the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy weight.

Lax Personal Hygiene

This is another issue that may not be noticed right away, but something that will become obvious eventually. This doesn’t mean wearing makeup, painted nails or anything like that. Personal hygiene refers to basic issues, such as the sudden presence of body odor, dirty or unchanged clothing and an unkempt appearance. This could be because the senior is worried to shower when they are alone, or that they think they already took a shower. In either situation, a home care provider can help ensure the senior’s personal hygiene is up to par, without making them embarrassed or self-conscious.

Poor Housekeeping

Similar to poor hygiene, if someone notices their senior’s home is suddenly messy or unkempt, it could be a sign they need some help. As a person gets older, it can become more difficult to handle basic tasks. This is another sign that home care services could be beneficial.

As a parent gets older, adult children often find it challenging to discuss their care needs. However, there are options that allow the senior to remain in their home and get the help they need. Learn more about these services by reaching out to the staff at Sacred Journey Hospice or by visiting the website at

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