Refurbished Equipment Like New and Far Less Expensive

The often-astronomical price of a new lab equipment has many firms opting to purchase a refurbished HPLC system. It’s an excellent option even though many lab managers — who are obligated to meet high standards for liquid chromatography — worry about achieving the exacting results they are obligated to deliver.

Still, considering that refurbished equipment can be obtained for half the price of new equipment must be deemed an attractive option. Many providers offer refurbished systems that come with a warranty and guarantee the exact same performance as new.

A refurbished HPLC system can look like new equipment and operate 100% as efficiently and accurately as new.

That’s because the refurbishment process has been refined to a fine art. It starts with an extremely thorough inspection of internal components. That includes wiring, terminal connections, circuit boards, plumbing, motors – in short – everything. What doesn’t work is replaced. All components are also cleaned.

Another advantage of refurbished systems is that they can be custom designed to match the specific needs of a lab during the refurbishing process. Tell your provider about specific challenges and key tasks that are central to the work you do every day. That includes your sample types and specific goals your lab is eager to meet.

All refurbished systems are thoroughly tested once put back together. Again, such systems must perform to the exact same standards as a new system. But even if the equipment passes all tests with flying colors, the process is not done. Next comes a preventative maintenance procedure. This involves an array of processes from an in-depth cleaning to pump flushing and replacing various components, such as filters, liners – and more.

A final important factor is expert packaging, shipping and delivery. High quality providers are geared up to ship internationally and can deliver a refurbished HPLC system on time to any location.

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