Reasons to Consider an MRI Body Scan in Glendale, CA

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Health

Doctors often try to prevent disease and issues from happening. They’ve got a variety of tools and ways to do this, such as flu shots, advice, and more. However, they know that when a patient complains of headaches and traditional medication doesn’t work, something else is necessary. An MRI body scan in Glendale, CA is considered a preventative measure by many

doctors because it can help determine the cause of the issue. If you want to be more proactive about your health, it could be time to ask your doctor about an MRI.

Early Detection

Full-body scans ensure that you can identify any health risks at the earliest stage possible. Many times, simple lifestyle changes are all that’s needed to reduce your risk. For example, changing your diet to include more healthy foods and exercising more can reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack. If more advanced treatment is required, doctors can diagnose you faster and get you on the right treatment so that you have a better chance of curing or treating the issue.

No Radiation

Full-body scans are safe and effective. Many imaging tests require the use of radiation, such as X-rays. While small amounts of radiation may not be harmful, it is always best to avoid exposure whenever possible. Therefore, if you think you may need multiple MRIs to determine the issue, you don’t have to worry about absorbing all that radiation.


The trouble with many tests is that they aren’t as accurate as doctors would like. They still use them at times, but MRIs are highly reliable because the scanner can differentiate between multiple tissue structures.


While MRIs do require you to lie in a tunnel-like atmosphere and can be noisy or scary, the exam itself only takes a few moments, and you can usually get results quickly, as well. Visit Glendale MRI Institute for more info.

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