Reasons Kids Should Get a Flu Shot Every Year

While most parents know it’s best to give their kids a flu shot, some might not do so every year. What’s more is parents might be concerned about just what’s in a flu shot and the side effects it will have on their kids. Some questions are best answered by an experienced pediatrician in Summerville, SC, but the reasons to ensure a child receives a flu shot every year is something that can be summed up in a few paragraphs.

The Flu Virus Can Adapt

Just like you can adapt to new situations, people, weather and geographic locations, the same is true of the flu virus when it comes to making people sick. What this means is everyone should have a flu shot every year to protect themselves against flu strains that might easily overcome the protection provided by last year’s flu shot. There’s also the fact that there are several different strains of the flu, and flu shots are designed to protect your kids from the strains most likely to spread this year, which might be different from the ones last year.

The Flu Is More Than Just a Bad Cold

Anyone who’s had the flu before can tell you that it’s so much more than just feeling like you have a really bad cold. Getting the flu can be deadly, and what’s worse is that it’s quite contagious, which means it can quickly spread through a household or classroom. Should the flu worsen, there’s a chance it can lead to pneumonia, dehydration and even hospitalization. It’s best that parents do everything they can to spare their children the pain and discomfort that comes from having the flu as well as the missed school days.

Healthy People Can Pass the Flu On to Others

It’s not unheard of for someone who’s healthy to pass the flu virus on to someone else and get him or her sick. A child who makes it through the flu just fine can still pass it on to someone else, including a newborn baby who is too young to be vaccinated. This isn’t brought up to alarm you, simply to show how easy it is for the flu to spread and the impact it can have if left unchecked.

Kids Need Extra Help Fighting Off Illnesses

While kids do need to get sick to build up their immune systems, getting the flu is something else entirely. Because the flu is so powerful, young kids and their equally young immune systems sometimes need a bit of help getting better.

Flu shots are not only a preventative measure, they’re a responsible one as well. When flu season rolls around, work with a pediatrician in Summerville, SC, to make sure you and your kids are ready. Visit for more information.

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