Raising the Bar for Your Fitness Expectations

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Yoga

Exercising should be fun. You can spend hours a day pumping iron at the gym, listening to music and completely zoning out. That’s the problem though, simply lifting weights or running on a treadmill isn’t very engaging to many people. This usually leads to getting bored of the same old routine and slowly phasing out of it. You don’t want to phase out of exercising, it’s a way of life that will keep you strong and healthy so that you can live a longer, happier life. That’s why pure barre is such a popular fitness routine. Because it incorporates elements of dance and rhythm with aerobics, producing an exercise that’s engaging and most importantly, fun! Partaking in pure barre in Dallas can be the breath of life your fitness routine needs and can make you enjoy working out again.


No Experience Required

Some people may look at people doing pure barre and think “wow, I could never do that!”. However, the only thing stopping you from doing it is yourself. Pure barre doesn’t require any previous dance experience or skill, it simply requires that you try your best and show up regularly to your classes. Your instructor will teach you the various different techniques you’ll need, and before you know it, you’ll be dazzling others with your spectacularly agile performances.


Keeping Your Balance

While pure barre is an excellent way to stay in shape and keep your body active, there’s an additional benefit that other workouts don’t offer. That benefit is balance. We all slowly lose our ability to balance as we age, it’s part of life. Pure barre helps you maintain that balance though, and in many cases even improve it. Because so much of the exercise is based around supporting yourself while holding various upright positions, pure barre makes it much easier for you to stay on your feet when you’re not holding these positions. Think about it, if you can stand on one leg with your other leg over your head, standing on both legs is almost a joke!

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