Options For Phobia Therapy In Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Healthcare

We understand that having a phobia is a very difficult aspect of life, especially if your phobia involves something that is a common occurrence or a necessary part of your personal or professional life. Phobias of being in social settings, of being out in public, of getting on an airplane can not only cause you actual physical and mental anxiety but it can limit your opportunities in life and in your career.

We approach phobia therapy at our treatment facility in Salt Lake City, Utah the way that we approach all other types of mental health issues. We believe that every patient deserves an individualized treatment plan and approach that is customized to their needs, their ability to internalize the therapeutic approach and their willingness to move forward with their treatment.

Desensitization Therapy

This is one of the most effective phobia therapy options used by our therapists that involves, after completing talk therapy to discover the underlying thoughts around the fear, that allows us to provide a controlled, safe environment to allow the patient to experience the object of their irrational fear.

This is done on a gradual basis that may include starting with viewing images, hearing sounds on a tape or other types of minimal exposures. At the same time relaxation exercises are taught, allowing the patient to relax and avoid becoming anxious on their own. As they gain confidence the intensity of exposure is increased at a pace that is comfortable.

CBT as a Phobia Therapy

CBT or cognitive-behavior therapy is also a very effective option for phobia therapy for many of our clients in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is done by addressing the thoughts that are driving the behaviors that are counterproductive.

By changing the way that our clients see the object of the fear, to move it to being just an object that has no negative response, we can effectively help them to stop the behavior. Desensitization and relaxation are also commonly used in the later stages of the CBT therapy model, and our therapists also include elements from other therapeutic treatment options as well to match the needs of the patient.

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