New York Breast Implants are More Natural, Thanks to Gummy Bears

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Health

When we talk about Gummy Bears here in Dr. Fiorillo’s office, we generally are not referring to the candy. Only when we talk about going to the movies or about trick-or-treating will the topic of the candy come up in the conversation. When it comes to plastic surgery options, with respect to breast augmentation, Gummy Bears are considered to be the best choice in form-stable silicone gel implants. Therefore, New York breast implants, at least here in Dr. Fiorillo’s office, are synonymous with Gummy Bears.

The Sientra brand of Gummy Bears is the only brand that is used in this office, as the rupture rate is a mere 2% over a three-year period. Therefore, the thick silicone New York breast implants, which were FDA-approved in 2012, are the only implants we recommend.

Dr. Fiorillo, who is a twice board-certified plastic surgeon, was trained in this kind of breast implant surgery in Sweden. What’s more, he is one of only four plastic surgeons in the United States who can train other surgeons in the placement of Sientra New York breast implants.

Choosing an Implant Shape and Size

So, for any woman who is looking to improve the appearance or enhance the size of her breasts, New York breast implants, such a Gummy Bears, are a good choice. The Gummy Bear implants come in various shapes and configurations, and therefore are designed for all body sizes and frames. Choose from round, tear-dropped and oval shapes. You can also choose between textured and non-textured styles. Opt for texturization of the implant if you want to reduce the chance for capsular contraction or scarring.

Resilient Devices

Physicians still do not know why scarring develops. However, textured implants have been shown to reduce the chance for scar development. In addition to reduced scarring, New York breast implants, such as Gummy Bears, have been shown to have leak and rupture far less than other styles of implants.

Saline implants can rupture or leak and regular silicone implants can rupture or leak too. If regular silicone leaks, it can cause a person to become sick. Therefore, reducing any chance for a rupture is important.

Look and Feel Better About Yourself

Because New York breast implants like Gummy Bears look and feel more natural, they are the logical choice for any woman who wants subtle and enhanced results from her augmentation surgery. We recommend breast enlargement for any woman who feels self-conscious in a bathing suit or formalwear and who has healthy expectations about the results. Don’t expect plastic surgery to drastically change your life. Look at it as a small way to look and feel better about yourself. So, contact us at website for a consultation today. We can advise you on what implant size and shape is best for your contour and body.

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