Main Reasons to Work Out in a Group

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Fitness Training Center

One trend these days that’s been catching like wildfire in the exercise world is group exercise. Many go for the convenience, others go for the sense of community. But what are the real benefits of this practice? Is there really any objectively beneficial reason to work out in a group? If you are wondering this about the concept of Charleston, SC team work out, and you would very much like an answer to this quandary, read on for the answer.

#1. Accountability
When your mother came in to wake you up for school when you were a kid, she was holding you accountable. She was making clear for you the consequences of not getting up and going to school, which you would not have considered all snuggled up in bed. Same principle with an exercise group. A group provides you with clear consequences for not showing up, i.e. your fellow exercise buddies will hold you accountable for not showing up. This added accountability helps motivate us to show up on time and work the full gambit. Speaking of motivation.

#2. Motivation
Getting and staying motivated to do anything is always a struggle. For most people, unless there is clear (usually monetary) benefit to doing something or equally clear (usually physical) consequence for not doing something, the motivation just isn’t there. But a group? They can motivate you better than anything. The sheer encouragement a group can offer you is staggering, and is definitely the main drive people have behind joining fitness groups. Having other people right beside them goading them on to get better is often what a lot of people are missing from solo exercise.

#3. Camaraderie
Humans are social animals. We don’t just like talking to other people, we NEED to do it. Our brains will drive ourselves crazy when not around other people for too long. Which is why we tend to do our best work in groups. We have other opinions to bounce off of, other viewpoints to consider, and other emotions to meld with. Which is why exercising in a group is such a boon to so many. It offers that camaraderie they don’t get from the gym where everyone is just minding their own business.

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