Latisse Treatment in Wailea: How Growing Longer Lashes Protects Eyes

by | May 9, 2018 | Skin Care Clinic

A genetic predisposition for short or thin eyelashes is not something a woman is forced to live with for life. There are options, beyond temporary makeup, that can enable women to have the lush, flirty lashes they desire. Women that are not as concerned with their lashes may wonder if the latisse treatment in Wailea is worth the effort. The answer is yes because there are many ways people benefit from longer lashes.

Protect Against Infection

Eyelashes are primarily used to protect the eye from debris. Longer eyelashes shield even more than thinner, shorter lashes. Less dust, pollen, and other debris in the eyes mean less irritation and fewer infections.

Blink Even Sooner

Eyelashes also signal the eyes to close when something brushes against the sensitive bristles. Longer eyelashes, made possible by a Latisse Treatment in Wailea, receive the signal sooner and give the eye a few milliseconds of extra time to close before the potential invader arrives.

Shield the Sun

Eyelashes have many important functions, and this includes filtering the light of the sun and its heat. The lashes reduce the heat entering the eye to prevent it from absorbing too much moisture. The lashes shield the eye from sunlight for both protection and comfort. Longer lashes can perform these tasks more effectively.

Save Some Time

Women with longer lashes can spend less time on their appearance each morning and still have a look they desire. Longer lashes require less mascara and curling. Eye makeup is irritating to many eyes and curlers can break the lashes if they are used too aggressively. The reduced need for cosmetic assistance also means that fake lashes are no longer applied, and their risks are avoided. The adhesive used for fake eyelashes can irritate eyelids and, when the falsies are removed, it is possible they will take along the real lashes with them.

Women that suddenly realize their lashes have thinned should get a medical screening. There are some conditions that cause eyelash loss, and ruling out these is important to good overall health. All other women should check out to learn more about their permanent eyelash lengthening solution.

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