Important Reasons to Get a Covid Antibody Test in Jacksonville, FL

With the pandemic still in full rage, it can be vital for people to continue monitoring their daily health. Even if you have the vaccine, you could still contract and carry this illness.

To find out if you have already had it and carry a natural immunity to it, you need to get tested for this novel virus. You can get the results that you need for your own peace of mind by undergoing a Covid antibody test in Jacksonville, FL.

Confirming A Prior Infection

If you were ill a few weeks or months ago, you might have wondered if you had this virus or were sick with allergies, a cold, or the flu. If you did not get a rapid coronavirus test at the time, you cannot know if you have antibodies against it unless you undergo testing now.

The test can determine if you have had a prior infection and if you have antibodies against it now. Based on this information, you can determine what kind of vaccine to get and when to get a booster injection. You can make sure that you are as equipped as possible to fight off future infection.

This testing can also reveal if you have never had a prior infection and are vulnerable to new strains that can put your life at risk.

You can find out more about Covid antibody testing in Jacksonville, FL, by contacting Avecina Medical today.

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