How Couples Therapy Can Help Each Partner Understand Addition and Recovery Treatment

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Health

Addiction is a leading cause of death and other physical problems. When someone in a couple or family has an addiction problem, most mental health experts recommend couples and/or family therapy. This counseling can be added to an in-house or outpatient addiction recovery program. Along with the physical tolls, addiction can wreck havoc with core relationships like spouse, children or parents. A trained and skilled addiction counselor might also offer couples counseling in the Minneapolis region. It is common for couples and families to develop some unhealthy relationship behaviors like co-dependency. Without meaning to, a spouse can enable the addict, creating emotional and mental stress that if left unchecked, could cause a relationship failure down the road.

Individuals that have an addictive type personality often run into addiction issues with alcohol and/or drugs. Other addictions include gambling, risky sex, shoplifting and more. These often combine with eventual alcohol and drug dependency problems. When both parties are abusing drugs or alcohol, the couple will likely need some distance for clarity and assessment. Most addiction recovery programs have separate men and women programs. These highly beneficial programs can give the addict the beginning tools necessary for leading a healthier and sober lifestyle.

It can be difficult to live with other addicted or co-dependent family members after discharge from an in-house rehab setting. It is best to find a dual-diagnostic addiction recovery program that also assesses and treats underlying and co-occurring mental and emotional health disorders. Mental health and addiction specialists point out that the most successful addiction recoveries are those that also delivered couples counseling by a Minneapolis therapist. This can be added to other recommended outpatient counseling programs. With intensive addiction and/or couples counseling, it is possible to live sober and happy. Visit River Ridge at

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