How Can I Prevent Hammertoes, and What Should I Do if I Get Them?

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Health

A hammertoe is a foot disorder that develops when an inner toe weakens or doesn’t work correctly. The affected toe will look something like a claw. When the middle joint in the toe remains bent for a long period of time and the muscles in the toe don’t help straighten it, hammertoe forms. Ill-fitting shoes, trauma, and arthritis can cause hammertoes. This condition can also be inherited. Hammertoes can be painful.

You can help prevent hammertoes by wearing shoes that supply adequate arch support and by wearing orthotics. Wearing shoes that aren’t too tight also helps. Doing what it takes to improve circulation can help prevent hammertoes. Other things you can do to lower your risk include elevating your feet when sitting, stretching your lower limbs and your feet, having your feet massaged, and soaking your feet in hot water.

If you have a Hammertoe in Plainfield that’s causing you pain, get some relief by wearing flat shoes with lots of room for your toes, and stretch your digits. If your hammertoes are flexible, see a podiatrist for an easy remedy before the condition worsens. Should your hammertoes be rigid, go to a podiatrist for help. Surgery may be necessary.

Go to Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates if you have a Hammertoe in Plainfield. The podiatrists working there are board-certified. They are eager to help treat hammertoes and several other foot disorders. Call them at (815) 755-8140 to schedule an appointment and have your questions answered.

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