Hepatitis C Diagnosis in Queens, NY and Comprehensive Treatment to Cure or Attenuate Effects on the Liver

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Healthcare

Hepatitis C is treatable but can become a serious health malady when it gets out of control. Symptoms are subtle and can be mistaken for something else. Jaundice, fever, and fatigue are symptoms associated with the virus, but many display no signs at all. A Hepatitis C Diagnosis in Queens NY is established with an antibody blood test and PCR test. The first test looks for natural antibodies produced if the body had ever been exposed to the virus. It discovers the disease in the beginning stages since the body creates defenses right away. The PCR test shows if the virus is replicating, or making copies of itself in the body. A positive PCR test confirms a Hepatitis C Diagnosis in Queens NY. This means the body did not beat the virus and has developed into the chronic stage.

There are activities that put a person at risk for hepatitis C. Using drugs where there is needle sharing is a high-risk activity. The process involved in getting tattoos can transmit the virus. The virus is transmitted through body fluids. The most damaging health problem that can develop is liver disease. It’s a blood-borne virus that is most easily exchanged when a person comes in contact with infected blood. This virus was not tested for blood donors before the year 1992, so anyone who had a transfusion before then should be tested. A person with hepatitis C can appear to be in decent health for years, but the effects on the liver can be irreversible after that long.

The liver is a vital organ that filters and eliminates toxins from the body. It produces bile that supports digestion and stores glucose. When it’s impaired, it becomes inflamed and unable to carry out those vital functions. Doctors treat hepatitis C with antiviral medicine. Patients must also avoid things that can aggravate the disease. The sooner the disease is treated after infection, the better. Antiviral treatment rids the liver of the virus and nurses it back to health. It’s possible to cure the liver and disease if damage has not progressed too far. Antiviral therapy and conscientious preventive care can protect from liver cancer and fatty liver disease caused by the virus. Contact us to start treatment.

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