Health Benefits of Getting Vitamin B12 Shots In Chicago

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Wellness Center

Vitamin B12 is soluble in water and helps produce blood cells, nerve cells and critical DNA. When the body lacks adequate amounts of this vitamin, it may experience nerve damage or anemia. The vitamin B12 shots are instrumental in increasing your body’s energy levels to prevent fatigue. Below are some major health benefits of getting vitamin B12 shots in Chicago.

Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety

B12 is an important vitamin to the functionality of the brain. In case you are deficient in the vitamin, it is possible to run into depression and anxiety. When you have low levels of B12, the synthesis of mood enhancers like serotonin and dopamine is affected. Getting B12 shots will help improve their production, enhancing your mood management.

Increases production of red blood cells

The red blood cells help carry oxygen and other nutrients around the body. When deficient in B12, you may suffer from anemia, leading to dizziness and fatigue. Getting B12 shots will help increase your red blood cell production rate, increase energy levels and boost your health.

Improves Body Metabolism

Slow body metabolism causes fatigue and can lead to weight gain in other instances. B12 injection can help improve the metabolism rate and increase the speed at which body processes are conducted. The increased metabolism rate will help convert food to energy while burning calories.

Getting B12 shots can considerably improve your health with its numerous benefits. Always seek professional and qualified experts to conduct the procedure successfully. Lume Wellness is a wellness lounge that offers several services to help you look and feel great. The services offered by the wellness lounge include cryotherapy, massage, vitamin shots and lymphatic compression. Visit for more information.

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