Getting the Best Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Health

Holistic treatment programs understand the connection between mental health issues and substance abuse. These are co-occurring conditions, and the existence of one of these conditions in an individual has been linked with a high prevalence of suffering from the other as well. A dual diagnosis is needed, and higher chances of long-term recovery have been witnessed when these conditions are treated simultaneously.

When someone needs substance abuse and mental health treatment in Minneapolis, there are a number of very important aspects to consider. Paying attention to these can increase the chances of successful mental health and substance abuse treatment.

   * Diagnosis by professionals: It is important that all assessments, diagnoses, and treatments be led by professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors. This assures that any conclusions made are medically sound, and treatment plans can be established on a foundation of accurate diagnosis.

   * Personalized treatment pathway: There is merit in group treatment programs, but ultimately, each individual’s story is unique. There is a need for a unique plan for recovery to be mapped for each individual based on the results of their individual diagnoses, and assessments.

   * Support structure: Dealing with mental health and substance abuse is not easy. A good treatment program recognizes that some battles are better fought in community. Support groups are vital for accountability, and vulnerability. Other forms of support come from professionals, and family. Family, couples, and individual counseling can be instrumental to the healing process.

   * Holistic treatment: The ideal treatment program encompasses not just matters directly related to the substance abuse or mental health issue. An intensive, holistic treatment program may include diverse training and activities in areas such as stress management, relationships, and mindfulness.

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