Finding the right plastic surgeon

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Health

If you’re considering plastic surgery, then finding a reputable plastic surgeon in Chicago, or your local area is of the utmost importance. Surgery is not something that you can bargain shop around for, and while cost is certainly something to be considered, it should not be your deciding factor. Here are some tips on finding the right surgeon for your needs:

* Referral from your primary health care provider: The best place to go first is your doctor. He or she can advise you on who they would recommend based on your specific needs and overall health. If you trust your doctor, then you can trust his or her advice.
* Experience: It goes without saying that the surgeon you choose should be very experienced, particularly in the procedure you want done.
* Licensed: Of course, the surgeon should be licensed and adhere to all local and federal regulations.
* Visit the clinic: Is the clinic well lit, clean and organized? Are the reception staff friendly? Do they answer all of your questions? Do you they treat you with dignity? Do they make it their priority to make you feel comfortable?
* Meet the surgeon: A reputable surgeon should meet you to answer all of your questions (have a list ready) and explain the procedure to you. He/she should be friendly, have a good bedside manner and treat you as a patient, not as a number.
* Cost: Make sure you know how much you can afford, but don’t make this your deciding factor. Trying to save a few dollars now can end up costing you much more later on; not just money, but your health.

Finding the right plastic surgeon in Chicago means doing a bit of research, but the time is well spent when you find one that suits your needs and one that you trust. Chicagoland Aesthetics is an excellent choice for all types of plastic surgery.

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