Eyelid Ptosis Repair: What Is It?

Individuals who are struggling with droopy eyes may have a condition called ptosis. A droopy eyelid may sound like a cosmetic problem, but it can be much more. Many people who have this condition develop vision problems over time. Yet, there are solutions available. Eyelid ptosis repair can help to improve both the cosmetics as well as the vision concern this condition can create. If you invest in a professional specializing in this type of care, you can expect better long-term results.

What Happens to Repair This Condition?

For those who have this condition, the need for eyelid ptosis repair is common. The procedure involves creating an incision in the normal crease. By doing this, in the upper lid, it is possible to raise the eyelid back into its proper placement. With the help of specialized eye doctors who target the tissues and bone structures in this area, it is possible to remove excess skin and tissue from the area.

Individuals who have this type of repair generally will have very few obvious signs of it after it is complete. Having a skilled and highly precise doctor can make a big difference in the long-term success of these procedures. Before this treatment is used, doctors will provide a full consultation and discuss all steps involved. The doctor will also describe the healing process as well as the overall expectations. In some situations, the procedure may need to be repeated over time. Others do not need this.

When it comes to eyelid ptosis repair, it is critical patients turn to a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in eye procedures. This helps ensure the patient receives the very best treatment possible and the most advanced procedures available. With this type of care, patients can see significant improvement in their vision as well as in the cosmetic aspects.

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