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About 1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression at one point in their lives. 80 percent of those who suffer from symptoms of depression fail to receive any treatment. What’s more, the number of patients diagnosed with depression grow every year by about 20 percent. Given the alarming spike in those numbers, it would be useful to know what factors contribute to the depression.


There are different types of depression. These include major depression and bipolar depression. Those who suffer from depression are also likely to suffer from severe anxiety, says the Ketamine Treatment Centers in Kansas City. Other conditions that can recur with depression are post-traumatic stress disorder and even obsessive-compulsive disorder, in some cases.

Common Factors

It’s been found out that those who suffer from depression also suffer from obesity, have sleep problems, may have suffered a stroke in the past, or have heart disease, among other things. The recently divorced and unemployed, though, are more likely to come down with depression.


One way to treat depression is with antidepressant medication. However, plenty of these medications don’t seem to have a positive effect on patients, at least not for very long. That’s where ketamine comes in. Used for decades for its anesthetic effects, the drug has a tremendously positive effect on the human system, resulting in rapid pain relief without endangering one’s breathing functions. It’s also the go-to choose of many E.R. doctors who treat children for broken bones.

Ketamine Solution

You don’t have to live with the depression, anxiety, or stress anymore. Whether you’re in physical or mental pain, you have a chance to get the best possible relief with effective ketamine-based solutions and treatments. If you want effective pain relief for your condition, if you want to finally start living life to the fullest, give ketamine clinics a try.

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