Do You Need Bunions Treatments in Joliet, IL?

It would be fair to say that our feet are very important to us. We rely on them each and every day as they allow us to run, walk, stand, balance, and generally move around. The foot is also a marvel of engineering, given how many bones there are and how hard they have to work to support our weight. Of course, problems inevitably occur with our feet, especially since they do so much work over our lifetimes. This is where clinics such as Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates can really help.

One of the Most Common Foot Complaints

Bunions usually occur when a bony lump on the side of the big toe becomes so large that it pushes the toe over and across the other toes. While tight-fitting shoes will cause discomfort and pain for anyone with bunions, it is not true that they are the cause of bunions.

Podiatrists have discovered that bunions are actually caused by a functional problem of the feet where a person might place undue pressure on a certain part of the foot. Over time, this develops into a bunion and may then become more uncomfortable when wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Treating Bunions

Most doctors would agree that the first and best way to approach bunions treatments is through conservative measures. Such conservative bunions treatments in Joliet, IL usually involve:

  • Wearing more comfortable shoes in order to cut down the level of pain and discomfort
  • Wearing special pads over the bunion to reduce pain
  • Inserting specially-made orthotics into shoes to correct mechanical foot issues and reduce pressure on the site of the bunion

While first-line bunions treatments are non-invasive, there are times when surgery is required. But in most cases, a conservative approach is often the best way forward.

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