Determining The Best Sacramento BLS Training For Your Needs

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Healthcare

When it comes to Basic Life Support, healthcare professionals have to stay up to date on their certification. Certificates are good for two years from their date of issue, and with a simple course that can be completed on-site, all healthcare workers can stay current as part of the ongoing professional development options offered by the hospital, clinic, nursing home or long-term care facility.

When it comes to BLS training in Sacramento, there are two different options that healthcare facility managers can consider. One is Basic Life Saving that meets the American Health Association certification, and the Basic Life Saving that meets the ASHI for the American Health and Safety Institute standards.

All of the Basic Life Saving classes for ASHI actually meet all the AHA standards, but they go beyond the training of the AHA to address emergency care for victims of choking emergencies, heart attacks, drowning and even for asthma attacks.

The Similarities
With BLS training in either the AHA or the ASHI classes, both will provide successful participants with a 2-year certification. This will need to be renewed every 2 years to stay current and certified with both options.

Both are designed to include new people in the healthcare fields, as well as those requiring a renewal or re-certification. The programs can be provided for healthcare professionals including those working in any doctor or professional medical office as well as in physical therapy settings, dental offices, dialysis centers and urgent care facilities.

With both classes in BLS there will be both a written exam as well as a practical test. This ensures that both the theory, as well as the technique, is well understood. These typically include demonstrations of knowledge of the techniques on both adults as well as children.

The Difference
With the additional training required of the ASHI there is a slightly longer class, but it also provides approved continuing education hours, typically 2, which will be appreciated by the staff.

It is important to ensure that the training program offering the BLS course is approved to provide the continuing education hour to your staff. The top ASHI certification courses will be accepted by the majority of all major healthcare facilities. In addition, this is a nationally accredited course, which may be an important consideration for companies in Sacramento training groups of traveling healthcare professionals who may be working across the United States rather than just on one specific location.

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