Benefits Of Threading Services In St. Johns FL

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Health & Beauty

Most women take extra care of their eyebrows. They want to be sure that their eyebrows are expertly shaped with a nice arch with no stray hairs left behind. Many women also color in their brows with a pencil to help define the shape. When it comes to properly shaping their eyebrows, women have a few options. Some women tweeze their brows, some have their eyebrows waxed, and some use Threading Services St. Johns FL. Of the three options, eyebrow threading is the most popular due to its many benefits.

Very Little Pain

There is very little pain involved with eyebrow threading. This is not the case with tweezing or waxing. Tweezing is a very long process where each hair is pulled out individually. This can be very painful. When a woman has her eyebrows waxed, she risks being burned if the wax is too hot. When the wax is ripped off with the paper, it not only rips the brows out, it also rips the skin. This can be very painful.

Less Risk of Irritation

Many women have a mild sensitivity to the wax that is used on the eyebrows. Some women suffer from redness and minor swelling, which can last for hours after the treatment. Others have a more serious reaction, and bubbles can form on the skin which remains there for days. If the wax is heated too much, it can leave a burn on the eyebrows. When a woman has her brows threaded, there is no risk of irritation.

Threading is a Quick Process

Many women believe that threading is a time-consuming process. This is not the case. It takes less than 15 minutes for both eyes to be threaded. This is about the same amount of time as waxing. It can take even longer to tweeze.

No Stray Hairs Left Behind

When a woman has her eyebrows waxed, the technician often needs to use tweezers to get any stray hairs. This can be painful. It can also take extra time. Eyebrow threading is a very meticulous procedure, and there are rarely any stray hairs left behind.

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