Activities to Expect for Residents at an Assisted Living Facility

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Assisted Living Facility

When you think about moving to a senior community, you may wonder how you will spend your time each day. You know there will be activities scheduled but may feel unsure of what will be offered. Here are a few common activities that you can expect at an assisted living facility.

Art Projects

Throughout your life, you may have spent most of the time working on your career and caring for your family. You didn’t have much time to express your creative side. While in an assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL, you can make up for the lost time by participating in art projects. These can include painting, knitting, sculpting, or beading. This helps with relaxation, enhances socialization, and improves cognitive performance.


When you are at home alone, you may lack the motivation you need to exercise each day. Plus, without an accountability partner, you may not be having much fun. At an assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL, you can participate in a variety of fitness classes that will improve your mood and strengthen your cardiovascular levels. Plus, you can have a good time as you converse with other residents. Expect activities like yoga, chair exercises, walking, and even dance.

Each assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL, may have a set of activities planned for each month but would be glad to tell you what will occur. Contact or visit the website.

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