3 Things to Consider Before Ordering Lab Equipment Anywhere in the U.S.

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Medical Supplies

While it’s important to keep your research laboratory supplied with the equipment you need to do your work, you’ll also want to trust that the equipment will function well. These are just a few important considerations to address when you’re ordering equipment from an online supplier. The following tips can help you get good quality equipment, such as lab shakers, to meet your needs.

Look For a Large Inventory

If an item isn’t popular or ordered frequently, the supplier may not regularly stock that item in their warehouse. In that situation, you should expect a longer delivery turnaround. However, most common items should be stocked and delivered within a shorter period of time. Buying from a supplier with a larger in-house inventory can help you save time on getting the new equipment you need.

Ask About Technical Support

Receiving a piece of equipment shouldn’t be the last contact you have with your supplier. If you have questions or problems with a device, you’ll want to know where to turn. A fully staffed customer support team should be able to help you or direct you to someone who can address your issues. Find out about customer service before placing your first order.

Ask About Rush Orders

If a piece of equipment breaks or you run out of something, such as lab shakers, as the result of an oversight, you’ll want to know you can replace those items in a hurry. A delay could mean disrupting your lab’s operation, so you should choose a supplier who can process a rush order and deliver your equipment expediently.

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