Top Reasons to Pick One Phenomenal Colorado Springs Physical Therapy Choice

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Health

Lots of people end up in need of physical therapy for differing reasons. Some will be recovering from a sports-related sprain, ligament tear or other injury. Others will be recuperating after a serious surgery or after major health crises events like a heart attack or stroke.

Still more will need ongoing types of rehabilitation therapy due to a chronic health ailment or from a worsening of disability symptoms. Learn the top reasons to pick one phenomenal Colorado Springs physical therapy choice that many local residents are raving about.

Symptoms & Conditions That a Colorado Springs Physical Therapy Practice May Treat

Along with sports injuries, physical therapists treat other symptoms with one of the most frequent being the pain and discomfort that the person feels. Pain is often treated with strong drugs prescribed by a physician. These drugs should not be something the person should be on for extended periods of time in many cases. The side effects are often negative and make it difficult for the individual to get back into a normal lifestyle and rhythm again. Most narcotics are addictive too.

The Underlying Root Cause of Symptoms Should Be Diagnosed First

Back pain, muscle aches and spasms and pain or stiffness during movement are all examples of pain that has an underlying cause. These causes are often inflammation of the injured area soft structures that put pressure on the small ligaments, tendons and nerves. Relieving inflammation and PT exercises may decrease pain too.

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