Important Information on Infertility Treatments in San Francisco, CA

When a couple has been trying to conceive a child for at least a year and has been unsuccessful, they are often referred for infertility treatments in San Francisco, CA. These treatments are available for both men and women and have proven beneficial in helping people to be successful in conception. Through constant research, many advancements have been made in fertility treatments, allowing people more options than ever before.

Initial infertility treatments in San Francisco, CA include testing both the man and woman. Though it is more common for a woman to have infertility problems, men can sometimes have low sperm counts or produce sperm that are not viable. Testing ensures the doctor knows where the problem lies so the right treatment option can begin.

When a woman is not releasing eggs, there are medications that can be given to help. Clomiphene helps to stimulate the ovaries so they will begin to release eggs. This can prove invaluable in helping a woman to conceive. Hormone injections can also prove beneficial in helping women who cannot conceive. These treatments are beneficial but not without their side effects.

When these are not successful, there are other methods that can be. In vitro fertilization is a procedure that harvests several eggs from the woman. The man’s sperm is then placed with these eggs so they can be fertilized. Once the eggs have been fertilized, they are implanted into a woman’s uterus where they will hopefully attach and become viable fetuses.

Though the process for fertility treatments can be lengthy, many couples are able to go on and give birth to healthy babies. In the event all of the fertility methods are not successful, there are other options, such as adoption. A fertility clinic can prove beneficial in helping a woman examine her options.

Couples who are dealing with fertility concerns can find the help and guidance they need by contacting the Laurel Fertility Care. Through treatment, a couple may be able to overcome the odds and conceive the child they have been longing for. Contact them today for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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