A Fertility Specialist Can Help You to Find Conception Options in Fresno, CA

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Healthcare

You want to experience the wonder of having a child of your own. You want to go through the entire process of pregnancy to know what it is like to carry your baby in your womb. You have tried to have a baby on your own without success. You and your partner have both been evaluated to determine what is getting in the way.

You’ve learned it isn’t your partner. You are unable to produce healthy eggs. You could be in early menopause. You may be choosing to become pregnant later in life when your eggs are not considered good candidates for conception. Other health factors may have had a negative impact on your ability to produce eggs. You may have had your ovaries removed. Your dream of pregnancy is still possible with help from a donor egg in Fresno, CA.

A donor egg in Fresno, CA, is a healthy egg that has been donated by another woman. It could be from an anonymous donor or you could turn to someone you know. A close friend or family member might be willing to donate an egg to help you conceive. The egg and your partner’s sperm will be used to create an embryo in the lab. This embryo will then be transferred to your uterus. If all goes as planned, the embryo will become implanted in your uterine wall. This will lead to conception. Visit Laurel Fertility Care today and talk to Fertility doctor to find out if an egg donation is right for you.

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